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I think it's because it's so far out and very little information is available other than, "Yeah, it's a thing." Once we get some screens or a trailer, you'll see an uptick in chatter.

Personally, the farming experience I'm eager for on my Switch atm is the Stardew Valley port. I love the crap out of that game and will gladly double dip for portability.

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I think the Switch SOS has probably just barely started development; so there's just not much to talk about yet. Right now, with the news about the 30T DLC, I'm already worried about what might happen with SOS Switch content. I hope we aren't entering an era of getting far less content.

Yadda yadda yadda, I understand localization takes tons of money and time, but I think most fans of the series would be okay with waiting longer (sorta, hah) and paying a bit more to get the whole enchilada. Heck, Atlus has been charging $10 extra on 3DS games for *years*, and for their size their games sell pretty darn well. I would be okay with $10 for my farming if I knew everything I'd be getting everything they do in Japan.

(I just did Hamtaro's birthday yesterday. Sigh).

ETA: Still sad that WiiU support for Stardew got dropped. I understand the decision, but I really wanted it there. No plans to buy a Switch for the near future, and the dev is unlikely to put it on 3DS or Vita. Sigh again.

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