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Blu Cup
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Default #HarvestMoon20th ~ Anniversary Celebration Thread

Have you heard? It's the series 20th anniversary here in the states and Natsume is celebrating it via Tumblr and Twitter using the hashtag #HarvestMoon20th.

While celebrations are happening elsewhere, we need to bring the party home to Natsume's own message board! Everyone could start with talking about how they got started with the series, what their favorite games are and whatnot.

and I will be the one to kick things off.

The sky looked like it could break at any time, but I didnít care too much. I was 10 years old and everything was great. I sat on a wooden bench swing that hung from an arch that my father built the previous year, flipping the pages at an old gaming magazine. What the publication was I do not remember, but I keep thinking Gamepro or Gamefan. Beside me sat my favorite wooden sword that I used to save the world daily with, which I still have to this very day; Albeit in a broken and weathered state.

My nephew had come to visit for the summer as he always did. And while I flipped through the pages of the magazine, he and my other siblings played around.

I had always been a sort of lover of nature and homely things. A lot of the games Iíd play as a kid always had me and my siblings living in a small village and just going about village life, void of danger but high on adventure. Like tasks that involved us taking care of animals, or traveling far from the village(aka, your back yard) to collect ingredients for food. That sort of enjoyment of that sort of life started very early on, with myself even halting progression in RPGs just to form little stories for myself as I hung around the villages. Secret of Mana and A Link to the Past were two such titles I did that a lot with. Itís no wonder really that I love Animal Crossing as much as I do.

With that knowledge, imagine how I must have felt when flipping over to this magical dual advertisement that advertised two upcoming Gameboy games on a single page.
It goes into quite a bit more detail. It's a huge story with a few pictures scattered about, so if you'd like to read the full thing(as well as part 2) then you can find it here:
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This is weird, but even as a late comer to the franchise *I CAN'T REMEMBER WHAT MY FIRST HM GAME WAS!*

It might have been Rune Factory? It probably was, because I do love me a good RPG. "Hey, it's an RPG! But you have to farm...that sounds boring, but...RPG!" And the next thing I knew, I was ignoring the dungeons in favor of growing strawberries. Making do with the base sword and upgrading my watering can. And then buying a game that was just the "boring farming" without the RPG...

Anyway, the rest is history. Now I am an addict and I farm more than I RPG. And I kick myself for having not noticed the series back when it was out on SNES (to be fair, I had to share that console with 7 other kids and we mostly subsisted on rented games chosen by my mother--who grew up on a farm and HATED it LOL) or N64 (which I bought myself as an adult, so I have no excuse).

I even got my husband to play--he's gone through Rune Factory Frontier and Animal Parade. Since he's a dork he won't play the older games. So tonight I will start my first playthrough of HM64 on my WiiU and he can just go clean the kitchen and do laundry instead :P

(ETA: far and away favorite RF weapons have been the twin daikon radish swords. I grew them AND they are weapons. Neato!)
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Without getting long-winded about it, I was on a band trip in October 2000. I was 14 at the time, a freshman. We stopped at a mall for dinner, and I had a bit of spending money saved up (about $60). I ended up in a little game store because they had Pokemon cards. Browsing the GameBoy aisle, I came across HMGBC1. I had read an article about HM64 in Nintendo Power over the summer and been interested. It was half my money ($29.99), so I remember hemming about it but ultimately buying it along with a Pokemon deck for $10. I only had time to read over the manual (I always read the manual before playing a game; I miss that) before we got to the football game we were attending, so I didn't get to start it until after the game. I played it with my magnifier light on the way home and fell in love. I wanna say that Christmas I picked up GBC2. The rest, as they say, was history.

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