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Default Amazing Penguin

I can't believe nobody's talked about Amazing Penguin here. It's my favorite pre-HM Natsume game and definitely deserves more attention. Here's the basic gameplay: You're a penguin on a mission to stop the evil forces of Borbon the Great by clearing all the balls from each board, thus killing all the enemies. The gameplay is annoying af to explain so here's a video:
As you can see it's like Qix but not slow and annoying since you move more quickly along a predefined path and have an actual means of attacking enemies. When most other Game Boy games were either ports of 10 year old computer games, bad clones of Boxxle, or ports of 10 year old clones of Boxxle, Amazing Penguin stood out due to its fast gameplay, good music, and charming cutscenes. Sadly, the game hasn't seen a rerelease, but if you guys can rerelease Harvest Moon 64 after telling everyone that you can't due to technical issues for nearly a decade, you can probably work your magic here too.

Edit: Some pro tips for people without the manual:
1. You can only kick the black balls (the manual calls them seals but I don't see any Canadians trying to club them), and the white ones with the stripe through the middle make the enemies travel in the reverse direction when you destroy them. This can screw you over if you aren't careful. Also, you can't kick a ball when you're directly on top of it, you need to be a little to either side (don't worry about being too exact, the penguin has pretty good reach).
2. You need to be pretty exact when you're trying to go from square to square on the grid, but if you hit a diagonal before an intersection you go onto the line in that direction.
3. The stages get pretty hard after the first 10 or so but you get unlimited continues and a password every 4 stages so don't give up.
4. The enemy behavior seems pretty random at first but you can kind of "figure it out" after a couple hours of play.
5. You can get either 1000 bonus points or an extra life per stage if you take out the two panels with the heart in the middle at the same time, so try to do that.

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alot of games like this in the early to mid 90's went under the radar
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