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Default Clippers Anyone?

Not sure if anyone's on but I could really use clippers. I haven't unlocked it in game yet but I use multiplayer and I can't shear the sheep and alpacas. It would be really helpful. I don't really have much to trade though...

FC: 1693 - 4809 - 4304
Name: brandon (I'm Seth on HM)
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Default Friend Code

Name: Megan
Farm Name: Sakura
3ds FC: 4570-6937-1243
When you are online time: 9pm-3am eastern time
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Default anyone still playing?

anyone still playing? i really need brown alpaca wool
please add me please contact me if u willing to give me brown alpaca wool thank you
my ds name : rivalsons
farm name: sweet
friend code: 2208-6634-9553
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My friend code is below:

Name: Duo
FC: 0104-4252-3363
Farm: El Two

Feel free to add me. I'll be on anywhere between 8pm central time to 2pm central. On Wed & thurs, i'm on throughout the day! And if anyone wants to trade me silver, I'd really apprciate it.
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3ds fc 4184-3642-9385

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