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Unhappy wilhelm and Peter are missing?

so im trying to finish the last of the great pumpkin events, and i cant find wilhelm or his son peter anywhere. its been an entire month in game and they arent even in town. i try the search thingy everyday and they just arent anywhere. i think the last time i saw him it was the crimson bow quest.

he came in and bought the bow if there is any more to the event i havent gotten it. al

i have lots of dream fragments, a wooden board (even though im pretty sure i used 2 of them already), a boat ticket, and old magazine, a powerfull magnet, a merit badge, divine protection, a 2nd mural fragment, a red ore, vibrant thread, an unbreakable chain, the harvest seed..(even though i definetly did that quest already..) the crow rock, rubber ball, movie tickets, flashlight, shining sand, medical salve, (havent gotten the quest for this one yet) spirit flute,and a jar.

i have 6 of the seven pieces of blue feather and im on the 4th day of my 5th month (even though the ledger says im on month 1 day 4 again?, month 4 day 28 apparently goes straight into month 1 day 1?)

can someone help me?

oh also, what do i do with the boat tickets? last quest with lamisa was when philip said he thought lamisa should go home.
and was there more for shinji? last thing that happened was midori told me she was his mom.

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