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Firstly, I would like to thank Natsume for putting this game up. It has been many years since I last played it on the gameboy, and I grew up with this game. I love it.

But I also have a few random question that have always kinda bothered me.

Firstly, when training your dog with the ball, does it only work outside while time is moving? (So throwing it while stuck inside one Typhoon/Blizzard days doesn't work?)

Second, there's an "ore" the shape of a black branch in the Spring Mine to level up your tools to the final level, but is that a random, rare chance like Adamantite* in the Winter Mine?
2.5, Does it not show up if Saibara is working on something? I had him making a mayo maker for me, and I couldn't find it. (This was before I had gotten the hang of saving in the mines, and I'm not quite there in my current file, just want to make sure before I send Saibara to make me my Makers)

I think that's it. Any tips help.

*Edit: Alexandrite, not Adamantite.

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The black branch is for the best tools, the Mythic tools. I know the stones won't show up until you have all the cursed tools blessed. Iirc, in DS/C, you could only find 1 Mythic Stone at a time, but I can't remember if it's the same in the MT games. I think it might be.

As to dog training, this is a mystery I have wondered myself for years. :c Sadly I think the only way to truly know would be to look at the hidden numbers via hacking. I wish there was a progress bar.

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